7th Millennium

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2000 A.D. January 1, began the third Christian millennium. The year 2000 A.D. counted on the Christian calendar is approximately 2,000 years from Yahshua the Messiahís birthday. The media has hyped this date and prognosticated many occurrences for the future.

Is there a four-year error in the calendar?

The calendar that we currently use was an invention of Julius Caesar and the Roman Catholic Church. What most people do not know is that 2000 A.D. really began four years ago in 1996 A.D. This is because a Roman Catholic monk of Sythian birth named Dionysius Exiguus, who resided in Italy, made an approximate four to six year miscalculation in the calendar. (See an article called "Will The Messiah Appear On or Before the Year 2,000 A.D?" How did an error in the calendar occur?, by Dr. Lee Warren, B.A., D.D. at http://plim.org/2000MessiahJune95.htm, also review).

Dionysiusí calendar divided all events on the Messiahís birth. His calendar placed events either prior to the Messiahís birth as B.C., (before Christ), or after Christís birth as A.D. (Anno Domini), which means, "in the year of our Lord." His error was that the date he chose as the birth of the Messiah was approximately 4 years short of the agreed date of the Messiahís birth, which was decided during the reign of Herod.

To understand the four year error in terms of our current year 2000 A.D., we must add four years to arrive at the corrent number of years since the Messiahís birth.

2,000 A.D. = number of years from the Messiahís assumed birth on the present calendar

+ 4 year error in the current calendar due to Dionysiusí miscalculation in the 6th century

2004 years = correct number of years from the Messiahís birth

This means that 1,996 A.D., was really the year 2,000 A.D. when we add the four year error (see Elohim the Archetype Pattern of the Universe, Vol. 1, p. 93-94).

1,996 A.D = number of years from the Messiahís assumed birth

+ 4 year error

2,000 years = correct number of years from the Messiahís birth

Has 6000 years of history past?

There is much anticipation for this millennium, but a failure to understand the significance of the year 2,000 A.D. This year ends 6,000 years of history according to Bible chronology and begins the seventh millennium. According to an Irish-English archbishop named Ussher (1581-1656 A.D.), a biblical chronologist, there were 4,000 years from Adam to the Messiah and we are 2,000 years after the Messiahís birth, giving a total of 6,000 years.

What this means is that the new millennium is the seventh thousandth year from Adam or it is the last one in this week of millenniums before we start another week of millenniums. In short, this seventh millennium is a Sabbath millennium.

To understand the Sabbath millennium requires some knowledge of not only the Sabbath, but also an understanding of the number seven in Jewish theology.

What is the symbolism of the Hebrew number "7" in the Torah?

The number "7" plays a prominent role in Jewish theology. This number represents a rest from work or perfection, as revealed by Elohim working six days of Mosesí vision and resting on the seventh day (Ex. 20:8-10). It did not take Elohim six days to create the earth and heaven, for it was created in the realm of eternity before there was time. Later we shall see that the number "7" is throughout the book of Revelation.


In the Old Testament the seventh day of the Hebrew week was a Sabbath, where there was no work allowed Ex. 20:8-9).


The seventh month was a Sabbath month, for it ended the sacred calendar. All seven feast days occurred during a seven month period.


The seventh year was a Sabbath year (Lv. 25:1-4) and every seventh Sabbath year or 7 times 7 = a 49th year was Jubilee (Lv. 25:8-13). During this Sabbath, there was no work in the fields, all debts were forgiven, slaves were released, and mortgaged land was returned to their owners.


From these examples laid down in the Old Testament, the number "7" symbolically denotes a completion of cycles. Later in this article we shall see this in more detail

What is the significance of the 7 steps in the Tabernacle Pattern?

There are seven steps in the tabernacle as follows. 1. Gate to Court Round About; 2. Brazen Altar; 3. Brazen Laver; 4. Door or 1st veil to the #; 5. Holy Place; 6. 2nd veil or division between the holy place; 7. Most Holy Place.

Now the seventh step in the tabernacle is the Most Holy Place where the Ark of the Covenant resides, which is symbolic of the throne of Elohim. This is the place where the high priest entered on the Day of Atonement and atoned for Israel and himself (Lv. 17th chp.). It was here that the high priest saw the flashing of the Shenkinah or the light emanating spiritual body of Elohim.

In Israelís migration out of Egypt, the seventh step was the Promised Land, which was where the temple was built in Jerusalem.

Is the number "7" in the Book of Revelation?

The number "7" has a very special significance in the Book of Revelation, for it is written throughout the book. Here the number "seven" symbolizes an end and the perfection of the purpose of Elohim. It prophesied the destruction of Mystery Babylon the Great and the New Heaven and earth.

There are the seven stars (Rev. 1:10), seven seals, seven candlesticks (Rev. 1:20), seven spirits or angels (Rev. 4:5), seven thunders (Rev. 10:3-4), the seven trumpets (Rev. 7:6), seven vials, seven eyes, seven heads seven mountains (Rev. 17:9) and seven last plagues (Rev. 17:1). These are some of the manifestations of the number seven in the Book of Revelation.

Will evil be perfected during this Millennium?

The 7th millennium can be understood in that it represents the perfection of Elohimís purpose of this age. For example, summer is the perfection of the seasons where the plants go into perfection and yield their fruits for harvest. This means that the purpose of evil will be allowed to enter perfection where it can be seen and cast down.

For example, one can expect to see evilness exposed to all in this millennium, as it was to Adam and Eve in the garden, which represents perfection. They knew that the Devil lied or deceived them in the Garden of Eden and they realized that they had lost their perfect state of consciousness.

Evilness will be exposed and cast down whereby the New Heaven and Earth State can be manifested to those married to the lamb. Those agents of confusion manifested in the system that the Apostle John called Mystery Babylon will be cast down. A new paradigm or mindset will be developed, which is the New Heaven and Earth. Israel could not obtain their inheritance in Canaan Land until they defeated and cast down the Gentile nations, who had corrupted themselves. They had to make way for the new order, as Elohim told Abraham.

Perfection cannot be manifested or achieved until the confusion of the old mindset is cast down. Neither can the spirit develop in a mindset that is materialistic or earthy. Two opposites canít exist at the same time in the same place.

One can see the current paradigm or belief system is failing and all the major institutions, such as political, economic, religious, medical and education systems, donít have any solutions, but seem to aggravate and make the situation worse.

A similar situation existed 2,000 year ago at the end of the previous age, when the Messiah was in His ministry. The Mosaic Law had been totally corrupted by the leaders of Israel and it did nothing to remove sin or transform Israelís consciousness.

Thus, a great change is required under the New Covenant. The Messiah describes this situation in a parable. "No man putteth a piece of new cloth unto an old garment, for that which is put in to fill it up taketh from the garment, and the rent is made worse. Neither do men put new wine into old bottles: else the bottles break, and the wine runneth out, and the bottles perish: but they put new wine into new bottles, and both are preserved (Mt. 9:16-17)." Thus, new ideas require a change in mindset. The Apostle John wrote that Elohim said: "Behold, I make all things new (Rev. 21:5)."

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