Dr. Henry C. Kinley (1895-1976) founded  the Institute of Divine Metaphysical Research, Inc., in 1958 in the state of California. He began this school as a result of a divine vision and revelation he received in 1931 in Springfield, Ohio. His vision revealed esoteric secrets concerning the structure and operation of Spirit by a three-fold tabernacle pattern and showed that Yahweh (or God) is a universal principle that has revealed Himself to man throughout the ages. Dr. Kinley's vision culminated and perfected many truths that Yahweh had given men in all cultures and solved many perplexing Biblical mysteries. In 1961 he published God the Archetype Original Pattern of the Universe. The teachings of PLIM, Inc. stress spiritual and psychological principles and experiences that further expand the principles revealed through Dr. Kinley's vision and revelation.

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